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Offers online planning a trip to amazing incredible packages to india on theme based along with duration wise of the tour itinerary and you have options to make the itineraries according to your need and requirement to explore main tourist attractions in india in due course of time for your leisure holidays trips to india.
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Trip to India is a cultural, heritage, monuments, beaches, leisure, education, religion etc. India is an overwhelming at times, but found it colouful, spirtual and fascinating. India attracts tourist from all over the world again and again for its charm.
In every visit to India you will see something new and its look amazing each & every time - the experience goes straight to the heart and stirs the soul. But to obtain these results, the tour operator shuld be decicated towards research on what is available in his country. This way the tour is much more alive. Besides the regular sights and the boundless magic of this jewel of the best, we try our best to bring to you the vibrant and colourful lifestyle of its people.
India and its many wonders take on whole new dimension for first timer's and regular visitors, with many intriguing choices to the most popular destinations in India, our creative itineraries find the unusual, the little known, the extraordinary - and bring them to life.

Travel Tips During Your Journey To India

» All travellers to India must possess a valid passport. Always keep the scan copy of your passport in your e mail box & keep photocopy of that also. It is advisable to carry your passport during your travel while in India because this one is the sole identifications of your in country.

» If you find any problem you can directly contact to security person or talk to your travel agent / tour operator in India.

» Foreign tourists in groups of four or more, sponsored by recognised Indian travel agencies and with a pre-drawn itinerary may be granted a collective landing permit for a specified period of time on the written request of the travel agencies. The Immigration Officer must have full personal and passport details of the group members, the itinerary, an undertaking to conduct the group as per their itinerary and an assurance that no individual will be allowed to drop out from the group at any place. Israli tourist should take prior permission to visit the state of J & K unless they are specifically cleared by MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs).

» Don't accept any offer to share a taxi to your hotel unless you know the individual.

» Avoiding purchasing products made of animals skin or of any endangered animal, it will lend you in trouble at customs. Try to keep the receipts of all the purchases you have made during your tour, to make a hassle free clearance at the airport.

» Always book rail / bus / flight tickets from authorised travel agents / tour operator.

» Before landing to country your travel insurance & medical insurance is must. It is must for your safety.

» You should have details of your embassy like its address, phone no. contact person etc. If you find any problem you can contact them.

» Never take any eating things like biscuits, breads, food from unkown person specially during travelling.

» Smoking is banned in public places so pls. avoid it.

It is highly recommended to hire private tourist cabs / taxi which are properly insured. For inter-city and inter-state transpor & even you can take state transport bus for inter state transfer & these buses are properly maintained & equipped with A / C.

» Trained English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian and Japanese speaking guides are available at most of the important cities at fixed prices. Since the Language speaking guides are limited in numbers, so ask your travel agent to block them prior for you. Unapproved guides are not permitted to enter protected monuments, heritage sites and tourists are therefore advised to ask for the services of guides who carry a certificate issued by the Department of Tourism / Archaeological Survey of India

» You can exchange money at international airports where 24-hour exchange facilities are available through banks and approved money changers. You can also change money at nationalised banks and other banks in the country.

» If you are taking photography by camera / video camera for commercial purpose you have to take prior permission from Archaeological Survey of India. Photography is prohibited in places of military importance, railway stations, bridges, airports and other military installations.

» Always take services of authorised travel agents / tour operator who is recoginsed by Govt. Of India, beware of touts & don't take any services from them.

» It is advisable to keep these guide books publised from many countries and followed by most of the tourist - Lonely Planet, Traveller's Guide, Trotter Guides, Let's Go India & Nepal, Rough Guide and Travel Surviva kit.

» India is very vast country & it is geographical divided into 5 regions north, south, east, west and central india before making any plan pls. know the weather, history and then plan according to them.

» Bargain hard during your shopping in local market where price tag is not there.

» It is advised that you keep with you prescribed medicines, if any; as they might not be available in medical stores everywhere in India. First aid box with basic medicines is a must.

» Do maintain a diary of your address, residence phone numbers and the details about your family doctor so that we can help you in case there is an emergency.

These are some of the tips rest you can ask from your associate or travel agents what to do & what not to do for enjoyable and safe journey.
Described as the most extravagant monument ever built for love. many have tried to sum up its beauty, but even the poets of the time were unable to do this magnificent building justice.
No matter how many tours we do here in Rajasthan, the insatiable desire always remain. True picture of colourful state of Rajasthan by exploring its culture, heritage, painted mansions, safaris, fair and festivals, rural life. Feel like Maharaja during your visit to painted mansions, forts and palaces.
This is The Golden Triangle - A visit is must to get the glimpses of cultural and heritage India. This tour is must visit for first timer's to india and start from delhi. Although the 3 cities ( delhi agra & jaipur ) are very different from each other and have gone through cultural/ political changes over years in the past, their interconnected history brings out the similarity in culture, traditions and lifestyles especially in terms of arts and crafts, architecture, literary lives and a unique synthesis of Hindus and Muslims.
India has numerous wild species and some are rare one. Common wild animal are bengal tiger, leopard, antilopes, wild boar, black buck, hyena..........
North India has best tourist destinations in India. Due to its vast varity in theme you can enjoy fair festival in ladakh, pilgrimage in rishikesh, varanasi, haridwar & eco friendly hill station, world famous exotic temples in Khajuraho, mostly visited places delhi agra jaipur along with classical india.
Kerala is rated as best tourist destinations of India. Kerala offers many theme holiday trips for every tourist to enjoy your incredible vacations in Kerala during your trip main things to see and enjoy major tourist attractions like backwater, wildlife, hill stations, green tea plantations, spa, ayurveda, meditations, beaches, houseboat and lush green & beautiful hill stations to enjoy honeymoon and leisure vacations in God's own country. Kerala is an ideal holiday that provides an ample opportunity to experience some of the life memories.

Experience the royal life during the indian luxury trip in famous trains in India. All you need to book the tours and enjoy the hassle free royal train journey with accommodation and food facilities.
Also you will feel yourself transported to a completely different era when life drifted at a more leisurely pace and comfort was more easy to enjoy. These are some special trains that are operated specifically for tourists to enjoy the royal life with sightseeing. These trains take the tourists down for a memorable trip to some of the most beautiful and interesting places of the country.

India famous for its rich heritage sites which are dotted all over the country. Each & every heritage site is known for its unique architetural, monumental and historical importance. These sites are home to the cultural heritage of Hindusim, Buddhism, Jainism & Isalam which includes innumerable monuments, exquisitely carved temples ( khajuraho ), caves temple, forts and palaces.
While bring to you the magnifestations of the glorious artistic creativity of South India's incredible ancient heritage, temples, festivals, heritage, monument, beaches etc, Visiting to local bazaars and villages make this tour as remarkable.
While visit to north or south or any other part of the Incredible india you would find some of famous pilgrimage destinations there. Trip to india is incomplete with not visit the varanasi / rishikesh / haridwar / buddhist site / monasteries in ladakh / rameshwaram / mathura / char dham etc.
India has the most diverse varieties of beaches anywhere in the world. Placid backwaters and lagoons, bays and rough lava-rocked seas, marine estuaries with fish, crashing surf, powdery golden sand or palm fringed shores - India has them all. The West Coast with the Arabian Sea and the East Coast with the Bay of Bengal offer many a verdant vistas to the traveler. The coasts of India have their own seafood cuisine, relaxing spas, diving and water sports and great places to stay for a balmy holiday
Experience the healing science of Ayurveda, Benefit from centuries old herbal remedies. Remark yourself through the renowned "Panchkarma" treatment that detoxifies the body. Yoga - the ancient science of Yoga upholds wellness as a natural state of being, when the mind, body and environment coexist in total harmony. Inner peace becomes a goal for the person seeking good health and well being.
The Indian subcontinent is blessed with a unique topography. The South is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea on all three sides. This places it in the unique position of being able to offer some excellent locations for all kinds of water sports. For the Northern boundary of the Indian Subcontinent is bounded by the towering snow clad Himalayan range that provides thrilling ski trails as well as expedition routes. The main attraction of the summer months in the Himalayan states is trekking and mountain climbing Trekkers, without any prior experience, can easily manage the altitudes the range from 2500 to 4000 meters above the sea level in the hilly areas of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Sikkim. In Ladakh, the Nun Kun Massif, The Zanskar group, The central Himalayas, Arunachal Pradesh, Nanda Devi, Kamet and Dunagiri offers challenging peaks for mountaineering.

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